The season for the club, generally, has been a little stop start. Largely this has been due to the high level of rainfall we’ve had this year and the impact this has had an our ability to be able to fulfil our home fixtures due to horrendous pitch conditions.

This is an issue which has plagued a lot of the clubs in the Stroud and District League, across the divisions, and is something we cannot help but will continue to do our best to work around.

However, more recently, as I’m sure everyone will be aware, there is now the COVID-19 and the predicted impact this will have on the wider community.

It is unclear what impact this will have on the season, in totality, and we are aware it is being monitored by league officials who will make a decision on the season, and whether to abandon or continue, as and when the situation progresses.

For the observant of you, you will notice our fixture calendar on the website is not populated beyond the next 1-2 weeks. This is largely due to the uncertainty around fixtures and will be updated once fixtures are confirmed as being ‘on’ on the match day itself to avoid confusion.

We just wanted to make you all aware as this largely explains our inactivity since around December and, since the virus outbreak, more recently.

In light of the above, please follow the NHS guidelines around COVID-19 available at

Health will always be more important than sport and we’d urge everyone to keep well, keep safe and follow the appropriate guidance given by the NHS.

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